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About Groote Eylandt Car Rentals

We provide a fleet of modern air conditioned vehicles for hire, from 4wd utes to hatchbacks. We have a car to suit most peoples needs. Based in Alyangula, we offer a complimentary shuttle bus pick and drop off service from Groote Eylandt airport to our work base for our customers. Groote Eylandt Car Rentals is owned by the Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation, which in turn provides a portion of its profits toward supporting its members on the Groote Archipelago.



Where can I go on Eylandt, and do I need any permits?

Any travel outside of the GEMCO mining lease areas, outside of Alyangula, Angurugu, or Umbakumba may be subject to permit requirements. All recreation areas on the Eylandt require the appropriate permits from the Land & Sea rangers, all areas outside of the designated recreation areas are restricted Aboriginal land and must not be entered by unauthorised persons.

GECR vehicles are not permitted to leave sealed roads, and as such cannot be used to access recreation areas. Any vehicle found to be access unsealed roads will have their rental terminated and be subject to breach of contract fines of up to $1000. Any vehicles found to be accessing restricted areas will be reported to the Land & Sea Rangers and/or police. A travel permit does not allow you to take your rental vehicle off-road.

Please contact the Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers for more information regarding travel and permits.

All vehicles are fitted with a live GPS tracker unit. Any attempts to tamper, disconnect, or remove this unit will be subject to subsequent fines and inability to hire a vehicle in future.

I need to get to and from the main Groote Eylandt airport, is there a taxi?

No there isnt. Groote Eylandt Car Rentals offers a complimentary shuttle bus service to and from the airport near Angurugu. Getting picked up relies on you providing accurate information in your booking, please make sure you supply the correct time and date on your booking. Vehicles should be back at the Groote Eylandt Car Rentals building at least 90 minutes before departure to assure time to check in at the airport.

I’m heading to Angurugu/Umbakumba, do I need a 4wd?

No. Groote Eylandt has some of the best sealed all weather roads in the Top End. There is no need for 4wd the smallest hatchback is all that is required to access the main communities.

Can I pick up/drop off the vehicle at the airport?

Our office is located in the township area, not at the airport.  All pickups/drops off are from our office with a complimentary shuttle service to the airport provided. Please ensure you drop off your vehicle allowing enough time to get to the airport.  Any vehicles left at the airport will incur a vehicle recovery fee.

I want to book a car, or know what’s available to book, can I get a quote?

All this information is available directly from the “book now” button above. You can obtain quotes and availabilities from there. Once the booking is confirmed, usually with 12 hours, a booking confirmation will be sent to you. Please check your spam folders if you haven’t seen it in 24 hours. Cars need to be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Please note: a surcharge will be apply for pick up/drop off occurring during a weekend.

I want a 4wd to go four wheel driving? Can I rent one?

The rental agreements does not allow for the vehicles to leave formed roads. Any tracks etc will void your rental agreement. All of our vehicles have real time GPS tracking fitted so we know
where they are at all times. Your rental agreement will be terminated and we will look to recover all costs, as well as pass details on to the land and sea rangers to assure that no protected or restricted lands have been entered.

Is there any restrictions on hiring vehicles?

You must be 25 years or older, on a current Australian drivers license to hire a car. All our vehicles are non-smoking. Additional charges will apply to vehicles that are smoked in.

I’ll be flying in on a charter. Can I get a car left at the airport?

No you can’t. Insurance and running costs have stopped this practice. You will need to provide correct details on your booking. We will always attempt to allow for for late arrivals when we can. Charter flights that are later than 20 minutes after the provided times, may incur additional management fees to cover the extra costs. If your not sure of your arrival times, please text our staff upon your departure so we can estimate the for you.

What details do I need to provide on the booking and what if I don't have a credit card to book?

You will need to provide a phone number and the drivers name on the booking. If you need a different detail for your own records, please make sure you provide these. In an effort to reduce costs, rather than increase prices, ALL bookings require booking with a valid credit card. Bookings will be pre-authorised on the day of pick up, and billed after return. We can not provide accounts for customers no matter how special they believe they are.